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Here to accompany and guide you, your family, and your employees toward achieving the best possible health status.


Here to accompany and guide you, your family, and your employees toward achieving the best possible health status.

Dedicated to Your Health and Wellness

PartainMD is always here for you.  Dr. Partain’s goal is to help you achieve optimum health by providing prompt, personalized care.

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Dr. Partain is available via cell phone, email, or text. Many issues can be addressed right over the phone.​

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Dr. Partain is available for contact not just during office hours but also after hours, and on weekends when you are sick.

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The choice is yours to meet with Dr. Partain by face to face consultation, telemedicine, and/or house calls.

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No need to wait months for an appointment. Same day and next day appointments are available!​

We are a DPC

PartainMD follows the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model which affords doctors the ability to have a smaller panel of patients through a clinic membership to give those patients dedicated, ample, undivided time and attention, all the while preventing worsening of conditions through immediate attention.

Additionally, PartainMD provides the lowest possible costs for labs, free in house procedures, wholesale medications and supplies. Any service that cannot be provided in house has been pre-negotiated or found for you at the lowest possible cost.

Additional Benefits

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Membership Benefits of PartainMD

  • Unlimited number of in-person office visits
  • Unlimited telehealth visits
  • House calls available to home or place of business
  • No need to spend any time in the waiting room
  • Same day and next day appointments available
  • If you think you need urgent care, then no matter what time or day, call Dr. Partain, don’t text or email.
  • For less urgent needs, text or email is fine, and she will respond same day.
  • For a medical emergency, call 911 or go to ER.

PartainMD offers a wide range of services for members, including:

  • Diabetes management and other chronic conditions
  • Weight Loss Therapy
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Mental Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Medication Assisted Substance Abuse Treatment
Discounted Labs and Procedures
  • Wholesale price for labs, medications, and medical supplies.
  • Most office procedures will be offered at no charge- pay only for wholesale cost of supplies or medications used.
    • Free yearly Well-Woman exam
    • PAP lab evaluation at cost
    • Free laceration repair
    • Free skin tag or other skin lesion removal with cryotherapy- Maximum 5 per visit
    • Free incision and drainage
    • B12 injections at wholesale cost of medication
    • Free ear irrigation
    • Free ingrown nail excision
    • Free splinting and limb immobilization
Discounted Radiology Services
Deeply discounted or free screening and diagnostic services through partners in the community:
  • X Rays
  • MRIs
  • CTs
  • Ultrasounds
  • Screening/diagnostic colonoscopy
  • Free Screening Mammogram
  • Diagnostic mammogram
Free Medications
  • Hundreds of free generics delivered at not cost to member’s home or Dr. Partain’s office for convenient pick up during consultation
  • Discounted Name Brand Medications and Generics- If member’s medication is not available for free, it will be ordered at most convenient low-cost pharmacy.


Get a list of medications available to our members by clicking here.

Enroll Today to Enjoy PartainMD Benefits

Your health and wellbeing is our only goal!

Membership Fees

Ages 1 - 85

Ages 1 - 24:  $40/month (without enrolled parent)

Ages 25 - 39:  $70/month

Ages 40 - 65:  $85/month

Ages 66+:  $99/month

Family Memberships

Adults to Age 65

A2 Adults to Age 65:  $135/month

Single Parent Family:  $70/month + $25 per child

2 Parent Family:  $135/month + $25 per child

Family Memberships

Adults to Age 66 - 85

A2 Adults to Age 65:  $170/month

Single Parent Family:  $85/month + $25 per child

2 Parent Family:  $170/month + $25 per child

Individual Memberships

Children 1 - 18:  $65/month (without enrolled parent)

Adults 19 - 39:  $75/month

Adults 40 and Over:  $85/month

Family Memberships

2 Adults:  $140/month

1 Adult + Children (till age 24):  $75/month + $25 per child

2 Parent Family:  $140/month + $25 per child

Employer Memberships

Other Discounts

Scheduling Appointments with PartainMD

Easily schedule appointments online or by phone.

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About Dr. Partain

Dr. Partain has a 6-year MD degree from the Pontifical Xaverian University in Bogota, Colombia, one of the leading medical schools in Colombia and Latin America. She graduated medical school in 2014 and moved to Missouri in 2017 after obtaining an Assistant Physician license. Once in Missouri, she practiced medicine under the guidance and supervision of some of the best primary care physicians this state has to offer. During the past 5 years she has gained the love and respect of her patients while working at community clinics serving Medicaid and Medicare patients, and now she is ready to serve the overlooked population of uninsured or underinsured working class Missourians.

Dr. Partain’s professional endeavor is to continue to provide the same quality care she is known for, but without unreasonable time restrictions during consultation. She wants to give you her prompt and undivided attention. No more wasted time in the waiting room, no more waiting one month or longer for first available appointment, no need to have a rushed visit, and you can keep her phone number on speed dial. Dr. Partain personally answers the phone, not an answering service.